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Dr.-Ing. Michael Stepping:

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 Dr.-Ing. Michael Stepping
 Gustav-von-Mevissen-Str. 28
 57072 Siegen

 Fon: +49 (271) 375 7370
 Fax: +49 (271) 375 7371

Networks & Telekommunications

Company Dr.-Ing. Michael Stepping has the expertise for communication protocols in the areas of computer networks and telephony. The Internet protocol TCP/IP, as well as the real time data protocol RTP/UDP are permanently used with our solutions.

Broadcasting methods like multicast protocols are used as well as proto- cols of the world of telephony for mobil radio communication (UMTS, GSM, GPRS) and fixed networks (ISDN, ATM, DSL).

Video - MPEG

Our Team possesses great expertise in MPEG-4 and H.263 videocoding due to our continuous co-operation within the committees of ITU-T and ISO.

Consultancy & software development

We let you be part of our knowledge and our experience. We advise extensively and competently. And if your team has become too small, we also support you in the development of software.